The Purpose of These Papers

These papers have been written by those responsible for establishing the practical outworking of Biblical doctrine and wisdom for One Church Ministries. Although these papers are a result of much Biblical study and many years of Christian leadership, they are neither designed to be comprehensive, nor the final word on any given subject. However, we have endeavored to succinctly outline our practice based on our current understanding of the Scriptures. It is not suggested that these papers be substituted in any way for individual continued study of these subjects, but we pray that they will serve the churches in bringing clarity regarding our current understanding and the resulting practical outworking of our care.

Alcohol Guidelines

[wpv-post-title] The purpose of this paper is to set out what we consider to be a reasonable approach to the issue of the consumption of…

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Business in the Church

[wpv-post-title] The purpose of this paper is to address the issue of utilizing relationships in the local church for the operation of commercial businesses. In…

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Choosing Your Life Partner

[wpv-post-title] Over the years, we have had the joy and privilege of working with a great number of singles. The purpose of this paper is…

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Divorce and Remarriage

[wpv-post-title] In writing on divorce and remarriage, we understand that we are approaching a topic both sensitive and important. It is sensitive because it is…

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Guidelines for Leading Meetings

[wpv-post-title] “Therefore, my brothers, be eager to prophesy, and do not forbid speaking in tongues. But everything should be done in a fitting and orderly…

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The Functional Authority of Scripture

[wpv-post-title] One conviction that the Church has held in common throughout her history and development is the central role that Scripture performs in the life…

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