Coffee and Donuts Outreach


The goal of the Coffee and Donuts Outreach is to share the love of Jesus both practically and through prayerful conversation with people marginalized by society. We do this by being out on 22nd Ave. in the uptown area of Kenosha every Sunday morning and providing coffee, donuts, hot chocolate, chocolate milk, bottled water, and fruit to anyone who passes by. Many of the people in this area are barely making ends meet and live very stressful lives. We try to show them that no matter the circumstances they are currently in, there is hope and Jesus is the answer. Many of the people we come in contact with and have now built relationships with are surprised to see that someone cares about them.

We engage everyone we can in conversation, genuinely ask how they are doing, and offer prayers, encouragement, and support to anyone in need. Over time, we have built meaningful relationships with people in the community.

Anyone who would like to join us is welcome on any Sunday morning. You can help by handing out food or simply interacting with everyone there. You can start “in the background” if that is a good first step, and as the Holy Spirit emboldens you become more involved. If you have any questions or are interested in joining us, feel free to just show up or contact Joe Suchy or Jason Mayberry.


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