Children’s Ministry

Our vision is for our children to come into a genuine, saving relationship with Jesus Christ so that they are shaped by God, with Him remaining as their passion forever, equipping future generations to impact the earth for God’s glory. Educating our children is a family affair. During the meeting of the church, we endeavor to support families’ efforts in raising Godly children by educating, reinforcing, expanding, modeling, and practicing what is being taught in the home.

Children are capable from a very young age to recognize and respond to the Holy Spirit. Redeemed children of all ages can worship God, hear direction from the Holy Spirit, see visions, have prophetic dreams, be God’s witness to others, have an abiding love for Him, memorize and treasure the Word of God, and much more. Our focus is to equip and inspire children to grow deeper in their relationship with God, in their understanding of His Word, in their ability to function in gifts of the Holy Spirit, and to live in obedience to God, so they can rise up, understand God’s calling on their lives, develop the gifts God has given them, and take His baton forward in their generation.

Classes and Curriculum

After our corporate worship time on Sunday mornings, children’s classes are available for nursery through 5th Grade. A dedicated team of volunteers works with the children and provides a diverse program of teaching, worship, prayer, and discipleship. We use curriculums specifically developed and modeled from our Vision and Commitment Course to lay biblical foundations in children’s lives, teaching them about and inspiring them in their relationship with God.

Children in the Kenosha church can go to these classes after the corporate worship:
  • Nursery (0 – 1; no walkers)
  • Toddlers (walkers – 2 years old)
  • Preschool (3 years old – 4K)
  • K – 2nd Graders
  • 3rd – 5th Graders
  • Middle School (6th – 8th Graders)

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